Sam Orugaty confesses

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Sam Orugaty confesses

#1 Post by Spl@ » Thu May 05, 2011 9:47 pm

Just got Sam confessing to basekill (shortly after Nod left). THX was questioning...
[S] THX: sam werent you kicked for like 7 days for base kill?
{FSW}Jesse/silas connected
HF-clement was squished
{FSW}Jesse/silas disconnected
[A] Sam Orugaty: bu
[A] Sam Orugaty: i dont remember
[A] Sam Orugaty: i do it ever wen im sad
{FSW}Jesse/silas connected
Snicky-Dawg was squished
HF_celestin disconnected
Jurek was squished
[H] Jurek: ffs
[A] Sam Orugaty: after 70 minutes
{FSW}Jesse/silas entered the game
[A] Sam Orugaty: why?
[S] THX: like 2days ago on mario map
[A] Sam Orugaty: the last yea
{FSW}Jesse/silas joined the humans
[A] Sam Orugaty: ahah
[A] Sam Orugaty: it was epic
[H] {FSW}Jesse/silas: hi o.o
[H] yousuck: the lag is what really makes these platforms dumb
[A] Sam Orugaty: 3 grenades and luci
[S] THX: yeah it was
Oh look. Killed again. Back to the tent…