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 If you want to report someone, please read first this thread « View previous topic :: View next topic » 
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:46 pm    Post subject: If you want to report someone, please read first this thread Reply with quote


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Before posting a new thread read if there is one with this problem. If it exist, post your adnotations there. If not, create a new topic.

If you spotted someone on server making something bad, you can report him in "All about bans, kicks, admin abuse...".
If you have been banned for no reason or you think you shouldn't be banned in first place, say it here too.
Same thing with admin abuse. If you see one, please, report it immediately

Make a new thread naming your problem. Example:
Deconner Nod_Nod_Nod
Teamkiller Nod_Nod_Nod
Banned Nod_Nod_Nod

Add (1.1) or (1.2) at end, to get admins of exact version of game

In your post please include:
1. More information on problem
2. - Some condumps(its history of console in game) - put them on site like http://pastebin.ca/ or http://pastebin.com/
- Videos (/record, /stoprecord) or
- In game screens (F12, printscreen button).

Admins will try to answer your problem as fast as we can.


Remember, that kicking deconner will help us in getting rid of him... After kicking, his ban stays on our list, and we can adjust it as much as we want...

If Admin Is Not On Server, Kick Deconner, Report it, and he will get what he deserve...

Its crucial for us, lower lvl admins...

1. what if a group of guys come on and just wreck it for us and we can't vote kick him?

Write their names down. If it is group they shouldnt have changed their qkeys - or get new names. People feel more powerfull in group, so you should just state your problem in normal way(look up). What you should do next is to write all names and problem in post. Case will be checked and decision will work on all problematic persona.

The nodding of the head once to symbolize a greeting, cuz we white folk to damn lazy to open our mouths and speak up. Nods are also easier to shake off than a flase "hello".
"Person nods at you", or your direction, "you nod back"

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